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Benefits of Rope Flow – The rope flow revolution is underway, with thousands of people across the globe using this simple tool to awaken their spinal engines and unlock their athletic potential. Let’s Dig In !

Benefits of Rope Flow - 8 Reasons to Flow


benefits of rope flow

The rope is an excellent tool for taking the shoulders through their full range of motion, which includes flexion, extension, internal and external rotation. In fact, numerous customers have reported improvements in shoulder mobility, with some even experiencing a reduction of long-lasting shoulder and lower back pain!

Performing the classic figure-8 pattern with the rope effectively opens the hips and wrings out any tension in the mid-back – both areas that stiffen up as a result of modern habits like sitting and using tech. It also helps to activate the glutes and the deep core – two places that tend to go ‘sleepy’ after prolonged sitting.

The result is a body that feels more balanced and free to move.


rope flow benefits

Rope flow is a way to coordinate opposite sides of the body at the same time and develop a sense of timing. In fact, the primary figure-8 patterns that you perform with the rope (as seen in our free training videos) mimic athletic movements:

Underhand movements involve a similar movement sequence to that seen in walking, running, underhand racquet shots and even throwing an uppercut.

Overhand patterns look more like throwing a ball, overhand racquet shots and other forms of striking.

By drilling these rope movements and making them second nature, you’ll find that most athletic movements in a sporting environment feel more efficient and effortless.


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Many Octomoves customers report that rope flow feels like a form of moving meditation.

Because of this, for some, the rope has been an important tool in helping to reduce chronic stress and anxiety.

By entering the flow state and concentrating on the rope, many of the worries we face in our day-to-day have the chance to quieten down, or in some cases melt away entirely.


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It’s well established that keeping the brain active is a key factor in maintaining cognitive function as we age.

It just so happens that the rope is a great tool for learning new skills, and unlike other movement skills like, say, a handstand, there’s a shallow learning curve.

Within a few days of practice, you’ll likely have the basics down and be able to integrate some patterns together.

On the topic of brain function, many Octomoves users have reported that the rope has helped them improve their productivity, breaking up the workday and increasing focus.


rope flow steps

In our increasingly fast-paced lives and growing urbanisation, many of us feel a disconnect from the natural world and yearn for a deeper bond.

Because the Octorope is such a portable tool, it’s perfect for taking out into the great outdoors.

Simply throw your rope into your bag or tie it around your torso, head to the beach or into the woods, enter the flow state and rekindle that natural connection to the Earth.


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Introducing a new tool into your routine, like the rope, is a great way to establish new healthy habits and get rid of ones that are holding you back.

One proven way to change an old habit is to replace it with a new one, and some Octomoves users have done exactly that. One customer even managed to quit smoking by turning to the rope for a healthy endorphin rush instead of a cigarette.

Others have been able to use the rope to break up prolonged periods of inactivity – perfect for staying active if you work from home!


flow ropes fun

Simply put, the rope makes movement fun.

There’s something remarkably relaxing and enjoyable about learning new tricks, integrating them together and eventually improvising and just going with the flow. It’s freeing, empowering, and addictive (in a good way).

And although practicing the rope may seem like a solo endeavour, by getting hold of one, you become part of the Octomoves family, connecting with a growing community of rope flow-ers from across the world.


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Let’s face it, not everyone’s looking forward to their next workout. It’s really hard to make time for something you don’t enjoy, no matter how good for you it is. Unless… it’s fun. With flow rope, the “get up and go” is built-in. So are all the health benefits of a solid workout.