Distributors Wanted

Flow Ropes Distributors Wanted

The rope flow revolution is underway, with thousands of people across the globe using this simple tool to awaken their spinal engines and unlock their athletic potential.

Rope flow combines body movement and mind focus to develop rhythm, strength and coordination. The movement not only uses your upper arms and shoulders, but targets the entire body through a range of motions.

Join us today – There are plenty of business opportunities ahead in this new fitness market.

What is Flow Roping Exercise ?

“Rope flow” is a method of freestyle rope training that incorporates cardio, strength training, martial arts, and dance. Rope flow training engages many different muscle groups and is a good foundation for improving movement, balance and coordination.

Rope Flow is a new fitness trend that is fast gaining traction in the fitness industry. It is part jump rope, part dancing, and is a great mobility exercise that promotes rhythm, timing, and coordination between the left and right brain. It is a fun way to exercise and improve mobility and joint health and with sufficient practice, it can also be a tool to release stress and anxiety. As the name suggests, all you need is a piece of rope to get started!

Why is it getting popular ?

  • Easy access and portability. 

The best thing about Rope Flow is the portability of it. All you need is a rope and some space to enjoy yourselves. You can even bring it with you to the office and have a spin during your break to keep your brain energised. 

  • Shallow learning curve

Rope Flow is easily accessible by many people due to its shallow learning curve. The time to invest in training and practicing is much lesser compared to other skill toys like juggling. Once you have nailed the basics, you can then move onto improvisation.

  • Versatile. 

Are you more into steady state cardio exercises, or inclined towards high intensity interval training? It doesn’t matter! Rope Flow is easily adjustable to cater to your needs. You can slow it down or pick up the pace, and slowly progress to a heavier rope too. As always, know your body and your limits to prevent injuries. 

  • Promotes joint health and lymph flow. 

Thanks to the dynamic movement in rope flow, it helps to maintain and even increase the range of motion in your arms, shoulders, and spine. It also encourages the lymph flow around the body as you bounce on the balls of your feet.

  • Mindfulness. 

When you have learned the basics and are able to string the movements together, it’s fairly easy to enter a flow state, almost like a meditation in movement. This ultimately reduces stress and anxiety. Many people are using it to wind down from a long day at work, and even during break time!

  • Physical and mental training. 

Learning a new skill stimulates the neurons in the brain, which forms more neural connections. When there are more neural connections, it allows the electrical impulses to move faster across them. Think of it as a highway, and by having more highway connections, it makes the information travel faster. Rope Flow also improves the left/right coordination.

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