Rope Flow Fitness Exercise

Flow Rope - A New and Fun Way to Exercise

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The rope flow revolution is underway, with thousands of people across the globe using this simple tool to awaken their spinal engines and unlock their athletic potential.

Rope flow combines body movement and mind focus to develop rhythm, strength and coordination. The movement not only uses your upper arms and shoulders, but targets the entire body through a range of motions.

Have Fun - Turn Exercise into Play. Anytime , Anywhere.

Flow rope helps you start moving again when you’re feeling like a brick, recovering from an injury, or just need to unwind after a long day. 


Train and Play. Exercise that doesn't look like an exercise.

It’s really hard to make time for something you don’t enjoy — no matter how good for you. Unless… it’s fun. With flow rope, the “get up and go” is built-in. So are all the health benefits of a solid workout.

Warning : It’s addictive !

Take it Anywhere you go. Workout anytime, anywhere.

Working from home? Traveling a lot? Wishing you could skip the gym commute? Flow rope makes it easy to move anytime, anywhere. Pack it in your bag for your next business trip, take it to the beach, or get moving between Zoom calls in your living room.

Have Fun and Enjoy !